Friday, November 13, 2009

Torte compreso?

I am wondering if a prerequisite to foodbloggery is the ability to ply myself with ridiculously expensive meals at "in" restaurants or troll Whole Foods for never before heard of luxuries to add into the pasta puttanesca or what-not I will spend a good 5 hours making. Don't get me wrong, there are few things I enjoy more than spending a day in the kitchen..well..a nice kitchen anyway. But where the heck do you people get your money and your time? Are you all just savvy shoppers? Do you get the ubar-foodblogger deal at the local trattoria? (my head is firmly set on the Italian references tonight..perhaps I need pasta for dinner?) And its not just the pocket book, er...wallet ... Aren't any of you metabolism impaired like me? I just spent nearly two years taking off the excess 100+ pounds I so effortlessly had accrued all the way through middle school, high school, college and beyond. Two months in pastry school and I am struggling to maintain (how many weight watchers points is a sausage Chausson anyway..never mind, I REALLY don't want to know). Thankfully the cost of the gym is included in the activity fees I had to pay this semester, although somehow actually going takes a back seat to studying for midterms and finding a job.

I guess I don't do too badly though. Last night I somehow transformed the questionable turkey slices in the meat drawer (I am not sick yet...), the pate brisee dough I made last week from the school recipe packet (1/2 recipe was enough for 3 large tarts...I guess next time 1/4 recipe?), some unpasteurized goats cheese from one of my girlfriend's classmates, and assorted vegetables into some semblance of a savory tart. It looked far better than it tasted, but how many can claim the ability to pull an impromptu French tart from cobbled together ingredients hiding in the depths of the icebox? In any case, I felt proud of myself. I am sure it was better than a frozen pizza at any rate. Well...maybe...

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